Adopt-a-home Program

A primary goal of the Grassroots emergency shelter program is to help residents find stable housing in the community. Once that goal is achieved the next step is to help them get started on creating a home. We are looking for community groups to partner with us on moving an individual or a family from the shelter into their new apartment home by assisting them with the following needs:

  • Provide basic household items for the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom including utensils, pots and pans and linens
  • Gather furniture for each living space (dining area, living room and bedrooms)
  • Provide vehicles and labor for moving items and furniture An example of a moving checklist is below:

An example of a move-in checklist:

Grassroots case manager and the Volunteer Coordinator will work with your group representative and the resident to identify particular needs. Resident participation may vary. If your group is interested in participating in this program please contact Monteith Mitchell, Volunteer Coordinator, at (410)531-6006 or

Thank you for helping our residents begin their new journey to build a home of their own!

Click here to learn what can go into a Housewarming Kit.