Current Openings (July 2020)

Executive Director

Position Title: Executive Director (ED)
Supervisory Responsibilities:Oversight of Directors and Overall Operations
Reports to: President of the Board
FLSA Classification: Exempt

Position Summary:

Grassroots is serves as Howard County’s 24/7 Behavioral Health Crisis Intervention Center and Homeless Shelter. Additionally, Grassroots homeless services include winter sheltering and providing for immediate needs for the unsheltered homeless through the Day Resource Center. The organization is committed to serving individuals and families with equity and dignity at all times.

Grassroots Executive Director will provide leadership both internally and externally with the agency’s many partners, public and private, in the community. The ED will have overall responsibility for the functioning of the agency, setting program priorities, quality standards, performance effectiveness, financial management, and adherence to federal, state and county requirements. The Executive Director will work closely with the Board of Directors on strategic planning and overall direction of the organization.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Is responsible for overall operations of Grassroots including 24/7 Crisis Intervention, Shelter Programs, Mobile Crisis Team, opioid stabilization center, the Day Resource Center, and community outreach
  • Participate with the Board of Directors in ongoing development and implementation of a strategic plan to guide the organization
  • Keep the Board abreast of homelessness and behavioral health best practices and trends to ensure Grassroots is seen as a leader in both homelessness and crisis services.
  • Keep the Board advised of internal and external issues in a timely fashion
  • Establish, maintain and expand strategic partnerships in the community and throughout the county
  • Serve as the ambassador of the Grassroots values both internally and externally

Program Planning and Management

  • Develop the operational plans that incorporate the objectives of the strategic plan
  • Oversees the effective and efficient operations of all programs
  • Develop and monitor performance metrics for all programs.
  • Ensure the agency and the staff maintain the required certifications
  • Review policies annually and draft new or updated policies for approval by the Board.
  • Ensure confidentiality of personnel, client, donor and volunteer files

Community Relations/Advocacy

  • Serve as the spokesperson for the agency, serving on boards, committees and taskforces relevant to the mission of the agency
  • Represent the agency at community activities and participate in addressing emerging community needs
  • Recognize donors
  • Maintain and nourish existing partnerships and cultivate new partners

Human Resources

  • Partner with the Program Directors on staffing requirements for organizational management and program delivery and on coaching and mentoring of the staff as appropriate to enhance their performance
  • Oversee human resources policies, procedures and practices
  • Ensure all staff receive ongoing professional training
  • Maintain and promote teamwork and collaboration among all staff

Financial Management

  • Oversee the preparation and management of the annual budget including a monthly financial report to the Board
  • Track legislation and budgets at the local level and testify on impacts to the Grassroots clients
  • Present and defend the annual budget to the Board and county officials
  • Participate in fund raising activities as appropriate
  • Oversee grant writing and reporting including seeking out new grants
  • Ensure the integrity of financial controls, expenditures, and decision-making

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Provide oversight to Program Directors, Operations Manager and Finance Manager

Required Education and Experience:

  • Masters Degree with 5 Years of leadership experience including managing teams or Bachelors degree with 7 – 10 years of leadership experience including managing teams
  • Experience in human services, social work, crisis intervention, housing, serving the homeless, public health or related field

Desired Education and Experience:

  • Experience in grant writing
  • Experience in non-Profits
  • Public speaking experience

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Interested and qualified individuals may apply by sending a cover letter and resume to estebanstern@yahoo.com.